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Cambridge City Council

Air Quality Action Plan

Our Air Quality Action Plan sets out our priorities for maintaining and improving air quality as Cambridge continues to grow.

The proposed actions involve working closely with our partners, including the county council and the Greater Cambridge Partnership.

The actions fall into three main categories:

  • Reducing local traffic emissions as quickly as possible to meet national objectives. Proposals in this area include:
    • lowering emissions from taxis, by increasing the number of electric and hybrid vehicles through incentives and installing more charging points.
    • reducing bus and coach emissions, by working with partners to invest in more environmentally friendly vehicles.
    • reducing HGV emissions in the city centre, by promoting ‘greener’ methods for making deliveries of goods, such as by cycle.
  • Maintaining levels of pollutants below national objectives, including by using planning policies to improve access to sustainable modes of transport.
  • Improving public health, including by educating people about the health impacts of poor air quality and encouraging ‘greener’ lifestyles.

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