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Cambridge City Council

Budget process

Our budget setting report provides an integrated view of the whole of our finances and outlook. It is produced each year.

It includes both general fund revenue and overall capital expenditure. The general fund is the account within which the majority of our services are provided and funded – it’s the account into which the proceeds of council tax are credited.

We also produce a separate housing revenue account budget setting report.

The housing revenue account (HRA) records income and expenditure relating to the management and maintenance of council housing. We are not allowed to subsidise the HRA by making contributions from the general fund.

The budget book is our detailed published plan of all income and expenditure for the financial year. It details:

Council tax leaflet

The council tax leaflet is a statutory document distributed with council tax and business rate bills every March.

The leaflet summarises how the city council, county council, police and fire authorities each spend their share of council tax.

We collect the tax on behalf of the other authorities and then redistribute it to them.

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