Residential boat mooring licence

Mooring for residential boats is permitted alongside three commons in Cambridge: Jesus Green, Midsummer Common, and Stourbridge Common.

Our mooring licence waiting lists are currently closed. The expected waiting times are between 2 and 10 years for a narrow-beam boat, and 2 and 20 years for a wide-beam boat – so to manage expectation we are not accepting new applications. The lists closed in 2014 and will remain so until the expected waiting period is 18 months.

Renew your licence

We aim to send re-application packs to licence holders in early February of each year. Forms and supporting documents must be returned by the end of the first week of March.

Licence fee

Cost of a residential boat mooring licence (exc. VAT)
Type of licence Annual cost
Tariff class 30: Vessel up to 5m long £796
Tariff class 32: Vessel under 3m long £796
Tariff class 33: Vessel between 3 and 5m long £796
Tariff class 34: Vessel between 5 and 7.5m long £849
Tariff class 35: Vessel between 7.5 and 10m long £903
Tariff class 36: Vessel between 10 and 12.5m long £956
Tariff class 37: Vessel between 12.5 and 15m long £1,009
Tariff class 38: Vessel between 15 and 20m long £1,062
Tariff class 39: Vessel over 20m long £1,168
Tariff class 51: Any other vessel £1,168

Licences can be paid for in full each year or by monthly direct debit.

Waiting list

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