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Cambridge City Council

Community Centres Strategy

In 2017 we ran an evidence-based and strategic review of community provision, to help inform the development of a Community Centres Strategy.

Four key principles underpinned the review and development of the proposals within this strategy. The proposals will:

  • provide the council with a clear corporate steer now and for the future
  • be supported by robust evidence
  • support change from current provision to the future vision in a supportive way
  • be developed in a way that seeks to avoid creating instability for the local community

Following public consultation, we published our Community Centres Strategy in 2019.

The strategy seeks to realign council-supported provision and deliver the following outcomes:

  • Council-supported community centres located in the right areas of the city to address the greatest needs.
  • Flexible community development resources and activities that can meet changing needs of the city.
  • Financially sustainable community development resources and activities that provide accessible, joined up services to residents.
  • Community resources that effectively contribute to the delivery of our corporate priorities in a cost-efficient way.
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