Carbon Management Plan

The Council’s Carbon_Management_Plan_2016-21 sets out how we will reduce carbon emissions from our estate and operations to address Objective 1 of the Climate Change Strategy.

The Council has set a target of reducing carbon emissions from the Council’s estate and operations by 15% from 2014/15 levels by the end of 2020/21, with an aspiration to reduce emissions by 20% over this period.

Key actions contained within this plan, focus on the sites and services which use the most energy, including: swimming pools, car parks, vehicle fleet, office accommodation, sheltered and temporary housing, the crematorium, community centres and commercial properties and include:

  • Installing LED lighting in council buildings and car parks
  • Upgrading heating boilers to more energy efficient systems with controls
  • Insulation improvements, including roof and wall insulation
  • Upgrading the vehicle fleet, and replacement of a number of with electric vehicles.

Greenhouse Gas Report

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) requests that local authorities measure and publish their greenhouse gas (GHG) report detailing the greenhouse gas emissions from their own estate and operations, on an annual basis.

Cambridge City Council’s Greenhouse Gas Emission reports:

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