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Cambridge City Council

Digital strategies

We have three strategies that set out our digital ambitions as a council.

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Digital Transformation Strategy

Our Digital Transformation Strategy looks at how we will use new technologies to improve services and achieve efficiencies. It sets out a 'digital-by-design' approach that will ensure our online services are customer-centred, easy to use and the channel of choice for all customers who can use digital technologies. It also reiterates how we will continue to provide traditional access channels for those who need them.

Digital Access Strategy

The aim of our Digital Access Strategy is to support residents in the city who are not currently online to access the internet and develop their digital skills. The strategy aims to achieve this through developing projects that build on the existing support provided by us and partner organisations in the city.

Web Strategy

Our Web Strategy focuses on our websites, setting out how we will continue to improve these and make them accessible for customers. It looks at how we can use new technologies to communicate in different and better ways, making information easy to find, and encouraging online transactions through researched, simple user journeys.