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Cambridge City Council

Climate change strategy

Our Climate Change Strategy (2021-2026) [PDF, 4MB] shares a vision for Cambridge to be net zero carbon by 2030, subject to Government, industry and regulators implementing the necessary changes to enable the city and the rest of the UK to achieve this.

It sets out six key objectives for how we will address the causes and consequences of climate change:

  1. Reducing carbon emissions from city council buildings, land, vehicles and services
  2. Reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions from homes and buildings in Cambridge
  3. Reducing carbon emissions from transport in Cambridge
  4. Reducing consumption of resources, reducing waste, and increasing recycling in Cambridge
  5. Promoting sustainable food
  6. Supporting Council services, residents and businesses to adapt to the impacts of climate change

We have set an ambitious target in our new Carbon Management Plan to deliver Objective 1 of the strategy and reduce direct carbon emissions from our corporate buildings (including swimming pools, office buildings, car parks, sheltered housing schemes, community centres, arts venues and the crematorium), fleet vehicles (including vans, trucks and refuse vehicles), and business travel, to net zero by 2030.

We will be taking a range of steps to help deliver the vision for Cambridge to be net zero carbon by 2030 which are detailed in the Action Plan [PDF, 0.6MB].

Progress reports