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Cambridge City Council

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Enforcement policy

We have a duty to enforce a wide range of statutes relating to:

  • public health and safety,
  • quality of life,
  • preservation of public and residential amenity
  • maintenance of the environment and
  • protection of public funds.

All of these activities will be carried out having regard to the general principles of good enforcement practice outlined in our Corporate Enforcement Policy. Although not exhaustive the service areas falling within the scope of this policy include:


  • Noise pollution and control
  • Environmental Protection
  • Food Safety
  • Animal Welfare
  • Dog Warden Services
  • Development and use of land – planning
  • Building regulation applications
  • Building regulations and building related advice
  • Naming and numbering of streets and properties
  • Competent persons schemes
  • Relaxations and dispensations
  • Dangerous structures
  • Markets and other street licensing functions
  • Conservation Areas
  • High hedges
  • Public Health
  • Health and Safety at work
  • Private Sector Housing including HMOs
  • Pest Control
  • Licensing
  • Advertisements
  • Plan assessments and site inspections
  • Safety at sports grounds and temporary stands
  • Approved inspector notifications
  • Advanced payments
  • Demolition notices
  • Street Trading
  • Listed Buildings
  • Tree Preservation
  • River Mooring


  • Investigation and recovery of revenues 
  • Council Tax and National non-domestic rate fraud 


  • Antisocial behaviour and neighbour nuisance
  • Parking regulation
  • Street, open spaces and waste enforcement
  • Harassment and illegal evictions
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Social housing fraud

Although primary responsibility for compliance with the law rests with individuals and businesses, we will provide information and advice to help them understand their legal obligations and will seek to raise awareness about the need to comply.


The approach adopted by services when carrying out the Council’s duty to apply or enforce a wide range of legislation is intended to:

  • Assist businesses and others in meeting their legal obligations without unnecessary expense
  • Focus on prevention rather than cure
  • Ensure that we enforce the law in a fair, equitable and consistent manner
  • Take firm action when it is necessary and appropriate to do so
  • Carry out enforcement that is risk-based, consistent, proportionate and effective