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Cambridge City Council

Affordable housing programme

Cambridge is a growing city – the population is predicted to increase to 150,000 by 2031 (as detailed in the local plan 2018).

Average house prices in Cambridge are now over £500,000, as outlined in our housing strategy. Private rents are among the highest in the UK as well, leaving many residents priced out of the city.

With the local economy continuing to expand, we are keen to ensure that all residents have a range of housing options.

To accomplish this, we plan to build at least 500 new environmentally friendly council homes in Cambridge by 2022. We will also acquire property on new private developments, which we then let as social housing or sell as affordable housing.

Our sustainable housing design guide [PDF, 7MB] sets out the key design principles we will follow when building new homes and developing land. Our Housing Development Agency (HDA) is leading this work.

If you are in need of housing you should register with Home-Link, which allocates homes to residents with the highest level of need.

Buying land gives us greater scope to accelerate our housing development projects, as well as bringing a return on investment. To facilitate this, we set up the Cambridge Investment Partnership (CIP) to invest in land in the city. We own the CIP equally with Hill Investment Partnerships.

As well as investing in land, we are employing staff and taking on apprentices to help us build new homes and refurbish community centres. Developing a range of in-house construction and maintenance skills allows us to make best use of our resources. It can also save us money in the long term.

Affordable housing schemes

Updated on 13 August 2020.

  • Green markers: Completed schemes
  • Orange markers: Schemes in progress
  • Blue markers: Forthcoming schemes

Completed schemes

  • Anstey Way: 29 affordable homes
  • Aylesborough Close: 20 affordable homes
  • Clay Farm – Virido scheme: 104 affordable homes
  • Colville Road garages: 3 affordable homes
  • Colville Road phase 1: 25 affordable homes
  • Ditchburn Place: 2 affordable homes
  • Ekin Road: 6 affordable homes
  • Fulbourn Road: 8 affordable homes
  • Gunhild Way: 2 affordable homes
  • Hawkins Road: 9 affordable homes
  • Homerton: 39 affordable homes
  • Nuns Way and Wiles Close: 10 affordable homes
  • Queen’s Meadow: 2 affordable homes
  • Uphall Road: 2 affordable homes
  • Water Lane: 14 affordable homes

Construction in progress

  • Akeman Street: 12 affordable homes
  • Cromwell Road: 118 affordable homes
  • Kingsway Medical Centre: 4 affordable homes
  • Markham Close: 5 affordable homes
  • Mill Road: 118 affordable homes
  • Ventress Close: 13 affordable homes
  • Wulfstan Way: 3 affordable homes

Forthcoming schemes

  • Campkin Road: Planning approved for 50 affordable homes
  • Clerk Maxwell Road: Planning approved for 14 affordable homes
  • Colville Road phase 2: Planning approved for 49 affordable homes
  • Kendal Way: Planning approved for 2 affordable homes
  • Meadows Community Centre and Buchan Street: Planning approved for 106 affordable homes
  • Tedder Way: Planning submitted for 2 affordable homes

The Housing Development Agency

The HDA is governed by our Housing Scrutiny Committee. You can see recent progress updates in the committee’s meeting records.

This work is funded in part by a £70m housing grant, which was made available as part of the 2016 devolution deal. We are accountable to the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Combined Authority for meeting the target of 500 new homes by 2022.