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Cambridge City Council

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East Road closure likely to affect access to some car parks

The road is closed until 20 April.

Contactless parking payments

At our five multi-storey car parks, you can make payment for your parking ticket by using a contactless payment card. Follow the instructions on the card device and hold your card on the silver contactless reader until you hear a beep and a green light is displayed

You can also enter and exit the multi-storey car parks with a contactless card – there’s no need to take a ticket. Alternatively you can use a mobile phone with an Apple or Android Pay account.

  • Simply hold your card or phone close to the silver contactless reader when entering the car park until you hear the beep
  • On your way out, do the same to be shown your parking fee
  • And finally hold your card to the reader one last time to make payment
  • After paying, you’ll be given a receipt – the barrier will open when you take it

Please ensure your engine is switched off and hand brake applied when using a mobile phone in your vehicle.

You don’t need to use the same card or Apple/Android Pay account to pay as you did to register your parking. After being shown your fee, present the card or Apple/Android Pay account that you want to pay with instead of the one you used to enter the car park.

If your fee is over a certain amount, or your bank requests it, you might be asked to insert your card and enter your PIN.