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Contactless parking payments

At our five multi-storey car parks, you can ‘tap in’ with a contactless bank card – there’s no need to take a ticket. You can also use a mobile phone with an Apple Pay account.

Simply hold your card or phone close to the reader when entering the car park. On your way out, do the same to be shown your parking fee, then a second time to pay.

Please ensure your engine is switched off and hand brake applied when using a mobile phone in your vehicle.

You don’t need to use the same card or Apple Pay account to pay as you did to register your parking. After being shown your fee, present the card or Apple Pay account that you want to pay with instead of the one you used to enter the car park.

After paying, you’ll be given a receipt – the barrier will open when you take it.

When paying by card, you might be asked for your PIN if your fee is over a certain amount.

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