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Cambridge City Council

Rent a garage or parking space

We have garages and parking spaces available to rent at various locations around Cambridge. They are available to residents and commuters, and can be used for a vehicle or for general storage.

The approximate internal dimensions of our garages are 4.9m long by 2.33m wide. The door is 2.14m wide. These measurements were taken from garages in Newtown.

For larger vehicles, parking spaces are often a better option. They can be secured with a drop-down bollard and padlock.

You can choose up to three preferred locations when you apply. Some areas are more popular than others, so you might be added to a waiting list.

When a garage or space at one of your preferred locations becomes available, we will contact you to arrange the rental contract and payment details.

You must be 18 or older to rent a garage or parking space from us.

Apply to rent a garage or parking space

Check the list further down this page to see what parking spaces we have near you. The list doesn't indicate availability.

Vandalism and theft

We have received reports of vandalism and thefts from garages across Cambridge. We encourage you to ensure the contents of your garage are insured.

If you are a victim of a crime, report it to the police who will provide you with a crime reference number. Please then contact us on 01223 457060 or out of hours on 0300 303 8389 so that we can inspect the garage.

Rental charges

The cost of renting a garage is:

  • Council tenants: £10.11 per week for vehicle storage (VAT-free), or £12.13 per week for general storage
  • Cambridge residents: £12.13 per week
  • Non-residents or businesses: £18.73 per week

The cost of renting a parking space is:

  • Council tenants: £7.86 per week
  • Cambridge residents: £9.43 per week
  • Non-residents or businesses:£15.43 per week

Garages and parking spaces in high-demand areas cost more:

  • Council tenants: £19.29 per week
  • Cambridge residents: £23.15 per week
  • Non-residents or businesses: £29.15 per week

All prices include VAT unless stated otherwise.

Terms and conditions

If we offer you a garage or parking space, you must sign a tenancy agreement. You must also pay four weeks rent in advance plus a £50 deposit, and set up a direct debit for future rent payments. 

You are responsible for your garage or parking space – this includes replacing any lost keys and reporting any damage that needs to be repaired. We will charge you for the repair cost of any damage caused as a result of misuse of the garage or parking space.

You can use your garage to store a vehicle, or to store bicycles and personal household or garden items. We do not accept liability for items damaged while stored in a garage.

Ending your tenancy agreement

To end your tenancy, email us at giving us one week’s notice. We will confirm receipt with instructions on how to return the keys.

Your garage or parking space must be clean and clear of all items – we will inspect it before refunding your deposit. If any items are left in the garage you will be charged for their removal and disposal.

If you break any part of the agreement, such as by failing to pay your rent, we’ll serve you with a ‘notice to quit’. This allows us to take possession of the garage or parking space. You will be charged the cost of gaining entry, clearance and replacing the lock.

Other grounds for terminating your agreement include complaints of noise or nuisance caused by you or your visitors at your garage or parking space, or using it for business purposes.

Parking spaces

The list shows all of our parking spaces – they do not indicate availability.

Parking spaces

  • Aingers Lane: 6 for residents of Aingers Lane only
  • Barnes Close: 1
  • Barnwell Road: 1
  • Bermuda Road: 6 in a high-value area
  • Clara Rackham Street: 10 for residents of Clara Rackham Street only
  • Clara Rackham Street underground car park: 26 for residents of Clara Rackham Street only
  • Eagle Street underground car park: 50 for residents of Eagle Street and Hazell Street only
  • Morello Place: 59 for residents of Morello Place only
  • Newtown: 2 in a high-value area
  • Scholars Court: 10 for residents of Scholars Court only
  • St Matthew’s Street: 12 in a high-value area
  • Staffordshire Street: 1
  • Tottenhoe Court: 60 for residents of Tottenhoe Court only
  • Trinity Place: 14 for residents of Trinity Place only

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