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Cambridge City Council

Recreation grounds

We manage many large parks and recreation grounds around the city, with a range of facilities.

These parks and recreation grounds are shown with blue markers on our map of parks and playgrounds.

Alexandra Gardens

  • Carlyle Road, Arbury, Cambridge CB4 3DN

Alexandra Gardens is a pleasant green space in West Chesterton, a short walk from the lock on the river north of Jesus Green. A tree-covered path goes around the perimeter.

There is a fenced-in playground and a bowling green and pavilion.

Arbury town park

  • Campkin Road, Cambridge CB4 2RR

Arbury town park is a large open space behind the community centre on Campkin Road. There is a small car park.

The Backs

  • Queen’s Road, Cambridge CB3 9AH

The Backs is a picturesque stretch of riverside green land next to Queen’s Road. It runs behind the colleges that sit alongside the west bank of the River Cam – its name refers to the backs of the colleges.

The Backs is a Grade 1 listed historic park. It was designed by the famous landscape architect ‘Capability’ Brown.

Castle Hill

Castle Hill is the site of the Roman town Duroliponte, although evidence of earlier settlers has been found. The Normans built a castle here in the 11th century, although there are now no remains of it.

You can see across the city from the top of the hill, and on a clear day you might see Ely Cathedral to the north.

Cherry Hinton Hall park

  • Cherry Hinton Road, Cambridge CB1 8DW

Read our separate page about Cherry Hinton Hall Park.

Cherry Hinton recreation ground

  • High Street, Cherry Hinton, Cambridge CB1 9HE

Cherry Hinton recreation ground has two football pitches, an all-ages playground, a skateboard ramp and free table tennis.

Chesterton recreation ground

  • Chesterton, Cambridge CB4 1ED

Chesterton recreation ground has two sports pitches, a pump track, a skate ramp and free table tennis, as well as a playground for younger children.

Chesterton Pavilion Community Room is open for community use and public bookings.

The space is also known as Pye’s recreation ground.

Christ’s Pieces

  • Emmanuel Road, Cambridge CB1 1JW

Christ’s Pieces is a large open space with tree-lined avenues and formal flower beds, including a rose garden in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales.

The park is next to the bus station, between the city centre and the Grafton shopping centre.

There are four free-to-use tennis courts, a couple of table tennis tables, and a playground for young children. A bowling green is home to the City of Cambridge Bowls Club.

There are also public toilets and a refreshment kiosk

Coe Fen

  • Cambridge CB2 1RT

Coe Fen is a tranquil open area a few minutes’ walk south of the city centre, off the Fen Causeway. It forms part of the Sheep’s Green and Coe Fen local nature reserve. Cattle graze here in the summer.

The park is a popular picnic spot and you can hire a punt nearby to travel along the river to Grantchester or past The Backs to Jesus Green.

Coldham’s Common

  • Cambridge CB5 8ND

Read our separate page about Coldham’s Common.

Coleridge recreation ground

  • Coleridge Road, Cambridge CB1 3PR

Coleridge recreation ground has a children’s playground, as well as a football field, tennis court, and table tennis table.

It is also home to Coleridge paddling pool and a splashpad.

Ditton Fields recreation ground

  • Cambridge CB5 8QL

Ditton Fields recreation ground is a large area with plenty of space for informal play and sports.

There is play equipment for children of all ages and a basketball court.

Donkey Common

  • Gonville Place, Cambridge CB1 1NA

Donkey Common is a small open space on Gonville Place, next to Parkside Pools and opposite Parker’s Piece.

It has a skate ramp, exercise equipment, and table tennis tables.

Temporary huts were built on the common during World War II and used for temporary housing after the war.

Dudley Road recreation ground

  • Cambridge CB5 8PJ

Dudley Road recreation ground is a small green area surrounded by the looping road. It has some play equipment for younger children.

Grantchester Meadows

  • Cambridge CB3 9JN

Grantchester Meadows is a famous stretch of green land along the River Cam to the southwest of the city.

Histon Road cemetery

  • Histon Road, Cambridge CB4 3LE

Histon Road cemetery is a tranquil, sheltered green area. We work with the Friends of Histon Road Cemetery to protect and enhance the park.

Histon Road recreation ground

  • Histon Road, Cambridge CB4 3QE

Histon Road recreation ground has play equipment for children of all ages, as well as football goals and a table tennis table.

Jesus Green

  • Cambridge CB5 8BL

Read our separate page about Jesus Green.

King’s Hedges recreation ground

  • Jedburgh Close, Cambridge CB4 2XH

King’s Hedges recreation ground is a large green area surrounded by housing, with paths around and across the space.

King’s Hedges Learner Pool is nearby, and there is a playground, known as The Pulley, with play equipment for children of all ages and a splashpad.

There is also a table tennis table.

Lammas Land

  • Newnham Road, Cambridge CB3 9EY

Read our separate page about Lammas Land.

Midsummer Common

  • Cambridge CB5 8DJ

Read our separate page about Midsummer Common.

Nightingale recreation ground

  • Cambridge CB1 8SQ

Nightingale recreation ground in Trumpington has public toilets and is home to a community garden. There is a path around the perimeter and a small car park with a three-hour limit.

Nightingale Pavilion Community Room is open for community use and public bookings.

The park has play areas for older and younger children, a ‘trim trail’ of fitness equipment, tennis courts and a table tennis table.

There is also a multi-use games area for year-round football and basketball, and two junior football pitches.

Nuns Way recreation ground

  • CB4 2NR

Nuns Way recreation ground in King’s Hedges is home to the Nuns Way Pavilion community centre.

It has two football pitches, a sand play area, and play and climbing equipment for children of all ages.

Parker’s Piece

  • Cambridge CB1 1NA

Read our separate page about Parker’s Piece.

Petersfield common

  • Cambridge CB1 1BB

Petersfield common is a small open area next to the junction of Mill Road and East Road, across the road from Donkey Common and Parker’s Piece.

The common is surrounded by trees and has a playground with equipment suitable for children of all ages.

Romsey recreation ground

  • Vinery Road, Cambridge CB1 3DT

Romsey recreation ground, also known as Vinery Park Road, has a table tennis table and a playground for younger children.

Scotland Road recreation ground

  • Scotland Road, Chesterton, Cambridge CB4

Scotland Road recreation ground in East Chesterton has play equipment for younger children and a basketball half-court.

Sheep’s Green

  • Cambridge CB2 1RT

Sheep’s Green on the west bank of the River Cam is an ideal place to get away from the busy city streets.

Part of the Sheep’s Green and Coe Fen local nature reserve, we manage the area to encourage an increase in natural diversity. Cattle graze on the park from April to October.

Sheep’s Green learner pool is open to the public in the summer months.

St Albans Road recreation ground

  • St Albans Road, Cambridge CB4 3XQ

St Albans Road recreation ground is next to Meadows Community Centre in Arbury.

There is a football pitch, basketball court and skateboard ramp, and a playground for smaller children.

St Matthew’s Piece

  • Sturton Street, Cambridge CB1 2QJ

St Matthew’s Piece is a small park on Sturton Street in Petersfield.

It has a playground for younger children, and a basketball half-court, a swing and climbing equipment for older children.

Stourbridge Common

  • Mercers Row, Cambridge CB5 8HY

Read our separate page about Stourbridge Common.

Trumpington recreation ground

  • Paget Road, Trumpington, Cambridge CB2 9JF

Read our separate page about Trumpington recreation ground.

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