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Cambridge City Council

Cost of living support - grants, vouchers and advice to help you manage the rising cost of living.

Report a problem in a park or playground

We manage more than 90 parks and playgrounds around the city.

We check them all frequently, but you can help by telling us about a problem if you see one.

If there is an immediate risk to public safety, please contact us by phone instead of using these forms.

Let us know if you see damage to play equipment at any of our play areas, or to the surrounding surface, fencing or signage.

Report a problem in a play area

Tell us if you notice a broken gate or automatic barrier, damaged lights or cattle grid, damaged water point or fountain, or anything similar on our parks. You can also use this form to report damage to mooring points along the river.

Report a problem on a park

Please be as specific as possible when you describe the location of the problem. If you can take a photo of the damage you can attach it to the forms.

We will visit the site within 7 days and take appropriate action.

We have separate forms for reporting abandoned bikes, abandoned vehicles, flytipping, graffiti and needles and drug-related litter.

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