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Cambridge City Council

Lammas Land

  • Lammas Land, Newnham Road, Cambridge CB3 9EY

Lammas Land is a popular park in southwest Cambridge, about half a mile from the city centre. It is bordered by Fen Causeway and Newnham Road.

The park has a pool, a large play area for children of all ages. We keep the grass short in various areas, making it an ideal spot for a picnic.

There is also a tennis court, a table tennis table and a bowling green, which is home to the Newnham Bowls Club.

There is a car park with 75 spaces, and public toilets.

The area has many ancient willows, which we manage by pollarding, a form of pruning that enables regenerative growth.

There is a bridge from Lammas Land to Sheep's Green, another recreation ground with a local nature reserve.

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