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Cambridge City Council

Lammas Land

Located to the south west of the city about half a mile from the centre, Lammas Land is bordered by Fen Causeway and Newnham Road. There is a bridge to Sheep's Green.

A very popular park in the summer primarily because of its paddling pool and large play area. There are large areas of mown grass which are ideal for picnics and sun bathing.

The area has many ancient willows, traditionally managed by pollarding, a form of pruning which enables regenerative growth.

The play area is part of a much larger open space so, having tired of the play area, you could walk on to Coe Fen and across to the river which is busy in summer with punts, or walk in the more peaceful Paradise Nature Reserve.

  • for young children there are spring rockers and toner units
  • for older children a space net, climbers, swings, and a toner climber
  • the play area is close to a large shallow paddling pool
  • car park
  • hard surface tennis court
  • bowling green that is home to the Newnham Bowls Club
  • public toilets are located by the paddling pool
  • free table tennis