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Cambridge City Council


Abbey splashpad

Our splashpads are now closed until next summer.

Our splashpads are maintained by GLL. We suggest that you call 01223 446100 ahead of your visit to ensure they are all operational.

Abbey splashpad

  • Abbey Leisure Complex pools, Pool Way, Whitehill Road, Cambridge CB5 8NT

The Abbey splashpad is behind the Abbey Leisure Complex pools – follow the path from the car park round to the back of the pool. It has 11 water features including tipping buckets, water cannons, and spray jets.

Coleridge splashpad

  • Coleridge recreation ground, Davy Road, Cambridge CB1 3QW

The Coleridge splashpad is near the play area on Coleridge recreation ground. The most convenient entrance is on Davy Road. It has 14 water features including a tractor-themed play piece with interactive panels and a crawling tube. There is also a two-foot-deep paddling pool.

King’s Hedges splashpad

  • King’s Hedges recreation ground, Jedburgh Close, Cambridge CB4 2XH

The King’s Hedges splashpad is on the ‘Pulley’ play area on King’s Hedges recreation ground – follow the path from the car park in Jedburgh Court round to the front of the King’s Hedges Learner Pool. There are 14 water features in an outerspace theme.

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