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Chesterton MuralChesterton Mural by Sa’adiah and Samirah Khan, and Dan Biggs (2017)

Last updated: 8 January 2018

2018 public art S106 grants rounds set to open soon 

Plans to invite grant applications for small-scale public art projects (up to £15,000 each) in Cambridge have recently been published [PDF, 219kB].

The S106 report will be considered by the Council's Community Services Scrutiny Committee on 18 January 2018. If these arrangements are confirmed, grant applications will be invited between late January and mid-March 2018 and then assessed against our selection criteria. Decisions about which eligible applications will receive funding are likely to be made in June 2018.

If you would like to be notified when the application rounds begin, email

We will publish a guidance pack about the eligibility criteria when the application window opens. In the meantime, we are currently not accepting applications. 

Previous grant round

More than £160,000 of S106 public art contributions were allocated to nine small-scale public art projects in 2017.

Applications were invited in late 2016, and we assessed the 22 proposals we received against criteria based on our Public Art Strategy. The funding recommendations were agreed by the Executive Councillor for Streets and Open Spaces in March 2017.

Funding was given to the following public art projects (based on off-site contributions agreed before April 2015), subject to conditions:

  • Cambridge Junction for ‘Radio Local’ (£15,000)
  • Kettle's Yard for performance art relating to the temporary installation of an Antony Gormley sculpture (£15,000)
  • Cambridge Live for ‘Colours in the Community’ (£16,500)
  • University of Cambridge Primary School for the ‘Eddington Flag Parade’ in 2018 (£25,000)
  • Pink Festival Group for the ‘Showcase of Queer Arts’ (£15,000 to £30,000)
  • Menagerie Theatre Company for ‘Trumpington Voices’ (£19,000)
  • £13,000 grant to Oblique Arts for the ‘Mitcham’s Moving Lighting Project’ in various locations in West Chesterton (£13,000)
  • Historyworks for ‘Rhythm, Rhyme and Railways’ (£15,000)
  • Historyworks for ‘History Walking Trails 2’ involving various primary schools (£15,000)

Visit our S106 priority-setting page to see the applications and more detail about the assessment and decisions.

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