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Cambridge City Council

Romsey railway heritage sculpture

railway workers

Photo: Cambridge railway track layers, 1893 (from Capturing Cambridge)

  • Status: In progress
  • Location: Corner of Cavendish Road and Mill Road
  • Artists: Harry Gray and Will Hill
  • Format: Sculpture
  • Materials: Steel and bronze

Current status: Harry Gray has commissioned the fabrication of the sculpture. Installation is due to take place at about the same time as the landscaping works for Cavendish Road corner, in approximately June or July 2018.

The Romsey ward of Cambridge was first developed in the 19th century to provide homes for railway workers. It has been associated with the railways ever since.

Local artist Harry Gray, who specialises in stone carving and sculpture, is working with Will Hill, who teaches typography at Anglia Ruskin University.

They have proposed an R-shaped sculpture, in a bespoke typeface designed with reference to existing lettering around Mill Road. The sculpture will incorporate bronze plaques featuring inscriptions of stations or destinations that have been significant to local people.

The sculpture will be situated at the corner of Cavendish Road and Mill Road.

We invited community members to help prepare the project brief and appoint the artists. The group included representatives from East Mill Road Action Group, Romsey Action, the Mill Road History Project, and local councillors.