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Cambridge City Council

'Let Us Be All We Can Be' panel

Let us be all we can be panel at Beacon rise

  • Location: Beacon Rise, Newmarket Road
  • Artist: Mark Titchner
  • Format: Architectural panel
  • Materials: Exterior grade timber
  • Commissioned by Luminus Developments

Mark Titchner’s proposal began with his research into local insignia and historical iconography as a signifier of a region’s aspirations and values.

The county’s coat of arms incorporates a range of elements and motifs. The Latin ‘Corde Uno Sapientes Simus’ phrase translates as ‘With one heart let us be men of understanding’.

Mark found other Latin that translates to phrases such as ‘through waves, through fields’, and ‘let us be wise’. Meetings and engagement with the client team led to the development of the text to read ‘Let us be all we can be’.