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Cambridge City Council

Coda commemorative plaque

  • Location: Cambridge Corn Exchange, Wheeler Street
  • Artists: Clare Palmier and Spadge Hopkins
  • Format: Commemorative plaque
  • Materials: Aluminium frame, screen print onto Dybond, moving wheel and mechanics
  • Grant funded, commissioned by the Cambridge Live Trust

This plaque commemorates the life of Syd Barrett, a founding member of the band Pink Floyd. The band have sold more than 250 million albums worldwide and are probably the city’s biggest musical export.

The artists worked with Barrett’s family when coming up with their proposals for a non-traditional monument. The result is a patterned box with a rotating bicycle wheel that periodically shows Barrett’s face. It reflects his unconventional and playful nature.

The wheel is a nod to the Pink Floyd song ‘Bike’, as well as to Cambridge’s reputation as a cycling city.

The Cambridge Live Trust led the commission in response to calls from the public to pay tribute to a man who has contributed so much to the city’s musical heritage.