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Cambridge City Council

'Field of Play' active landscape

'Field of Play' active landscape

  • Location: Mitchams Park
  • Artist: Zoё Chamberlain
  • Format: Integrated landscape design
  • Commissioned by Crest Nicholson and Murdoch Wickham

Active Landscape: Field of Play is a year-round play space. Residents are encouraged to use and explore the environment, and discover aspects that are not immediately obvious.

Active Landscape has areas to simply sit and enjoy the view. But it encourages kids of all ages to interact with the various elements by running, climbing and exploring.

Inspired by the site's former use as Cambridge City's football ground, the installation engenders a sense of place for residents. It channels the energy, enthusiasm and concepts of movement associated with football, encouraging an active lifestyle in a public space.

Artist Zoё Chamblerlain created this interactive art piece. She worked with a design team from developer Crest Nicholson and Murdoch Wickham landscape architects. Sports scientist Diane Johnson helped ensure the sculptural elements could be used in different ways.