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Cambridge City Council

'The Barnwell Sentence' installation

the barnwell sentence sculpture

  • Location: Cambridge riverside
  • Artist: Lucy Skaer
  • Materials: Bronze, stone and brass
  • Website: Future City
  • Commissioned by Berkeley Homes

The Barnwell Sentence – a 100 metre-long installation of embedded bronze, stone and brass artwork – runs through the entire residential site. It ends with a major work on the 30 metre-long wall at the entrance. The wall is made of Atlantic lava, Belgian fossil and Blue Savoy marble.

The ‘sentence’ comprises invented characters made by using the sides of a domestic wooden chair to ‘print’. The playful arrangement of characters is interspersed with pictograms including domesticated carp, strawberries, and a life-size blue whale skeleton.

The artwork aims to bridge the gap between the domestic and public realms, charting a journey we all make daily.