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Cambridge City Council

Public art panel

The specialist public art panel reviews proposals, strategies and delivery plans, and advises us about their quality and feasibility. The panel considers all proposals, whether commissioned by us, by developers, or by the public.

We provide panel members with guidance on the relevant policies, which they refer to when considering proposals. They identify, with objective but detailed critical observations, the positive and negative features of the schemes.

Considerations might include:

  • Quality of the work
  • Programme
  • Context
  • Public benefit
  • Community engagement
  • Technical and financial viability

The panel’s advice is reported to our officers, who manage delivery of the projects. Any related recommendations, such as those related to grants or commissions, are reported to the executive councillor for consideration.

The panel reviews its role annually, and if necessary proposes changes to how it works. The panel’s terms of reference are listed in our public art supplementary planning document.

The panel comprises leading experts in creative industries.

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