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Planned telephone system maintenance - 17 to 19 July

There will be intermittent outages on our phones overnight on these dates. If you have an emergency, please call our out of hours number 0300 3038389.

Recharge your electric car

Electric car recharging points are available at Grafton East car park level one and Queen Anne Terrace car park level three (ground floor).

  • You can recharge your car for up to two hours – the usual car parking fee must still be paid.
  • It’s your responsibility to move your vehicle to a normal parking bay after the two-hour recharging period. A penalty charge notice may be issued to over-staying vehicles.
  • We can't guarantee the availability of the charging points or the power supplied from them and we reserve the right to remove them without prior notice.
  • At Grafton East car park there are two slow-charging units (up to 3kW) which will fully charge a vehicle between 6-8 hours.
  • At Queen Anne Terrace car park there are two fast-charging units (7 to 22Kw) which will fully charge a vehicle between 3-4 hours.

Register to use recharging points

The recharging points are part of the Polar network and can be accessed by using a Polar RFID  card.

To find out further information about POLAR, please click on the following website

You will be sent:

      • detailed information explaining how to use the recharging points
      • an individually programmed RFID card to access the recharging points
      • a list of eligible charging points
      • a high visibility charging cable can be provided if required.


We would like to thank Marshall Motor Group for their generous sponsorship without which we would not have been able to install these electric recharging points.

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