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Council tax

You can pay by direct debit, online, or in a number of other ways
Council tax is the system of local taxation used to part fund the services provided by local government
You must inform us if you have a change in your household or you move house
The money is divided between the county and city councils and the police and fire authorities
All properties are given a valuation band which determines how much council tax must be paid
Usually the owner-occupier or tenant is responsible for paying
What do do if you cannot pay your bill
You may qualify for a reduction in your council tax bill
Various exemptions are available that mean you do not need to pay council tax for your property
Certain students are exempt from council tax or eligible to receive a discount
Your responsibility for keeping us informed and how it helps you
Confirm your details to us about your single person discount status
You may qualify for a reduction if your property has been adapted for a disabled person who lives with you
What to do when somebody dies

You should appeal directly to the council if you disagree with any decision relating to liability, discounts, reductions for disabilities, or exemptions if you are:

What will happen if you do not pay your council tax
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