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Cambridge City Council

Help us to improve our online services by telling us what you think

We will be holding user research sessions over the coming weeks and we are looking for people to take part.

ICT maintenance work on Saturday 21 May

Some of our online systems might be temporarily unavailable – if you are affected, please wait a short time then try again.

Register for Council Tax or update your details

If you have just moved into your first home in Cambridge, you’ll need to register for Council Tax.

If you already live here, you must tell us about changes that affect your liability to pay Council Tax. For example, we need to know if:

  • you move to a new address in Cambridge
  • you are no longer entitled to a discount or exemption that you have been claiming
  • you might now be entitled to a discount or exemption
  • you are a student and your course has been extended

We also need to know if you are moving out of Cambridge.

Due to ICT maintenance, the online system may be unavailable between 8 and 8.30pm each weekday. Please avoid using the system during these times. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Register for Council Tax or update your details

We might contact you to ask for further information or proof.

Use our account amendment form to tell us about a change that might affect any discount or exemptions you currently receive.