Pay with RingGo on your mobile

RingGo is a mobile phone service which lets you pay for your parking with a credit or debit card, rather than using cash or cards at a machine. 

When you park your car, you simply contact RingGo by smartphone app, calling, text or online, and pay for your parking by phone.  

Charges for using RingGo

When you pay to park through RingGo in Cambridge, you'll be charged 10p on top of the normal parking tariff. We absorb the 10p charge at Riverside car park so you pay no more than the advertised tariff. Other charges can apply - see below:

  • Calls to the RingGo telephone line will be charged at the standard rate agreed with your mobile phone operator. RingGo will automatically charge you 20p for a confirmation text and 20p for a reminder text to let you know that your pre-paid parking sessions are about to end.  If you do not wish to receive these additional charges then please ensure that these options are switched off within your RingGo account via the RingGo website.

Please note that these charges are specific to Cambridge. If you use RingGo elsewhere across the UK, these charges will vary.

Register with RingGo

You're advised to register with RingGo before you arrive at the car park.

When you register for the service you'll be asked to provide:

  • The number plate, colour and make of your vehicle
  • Your payment card details

Or you can register at the same time you want to park by using the RingGo apps or by calling RingGo on 01223 853 066.

Paying to park with RingGo

  • You pay in advance for the amount of time you think you'll need to park for. You can extend this time period if necessary.

Once registered, RingGo recognises your mobile phone number and retrieves information you have previously given. This means that when you pay you only have to provide:

  • The 16800 location code for our car parks (this is given on the signs in the car park).
  • The length of time you want to park 
  • Your payment card 3-digit security code. 

Pay by:

Smartphone app 
Download the RingGo app free of charge for iPhoneAndroidWindows phone, or Blackberry 10.

Call RingGo 01223 853 066
Call the automated phone serviceon 01223 863066, the number is provided on the signs within the car parks. RingGo will remember you (by recognising your mobile phone number) and ask you to:
  • Confirm the vehicle you want to park
  • Confirm the location where you want to park
  • Say how long you want to stay, and
  • Give the security code from your credit card
Text message (using your pre-registered mobile  phone) to 81025
Your text should be set out like this:

RingGo 16800 3h 123

16800 = location code of our car parks (given on the signs within the car parks)
3h = length of stay. (Units: m = minute, h = hour, d = day, and w = week)
123 = the 3-digit code from your registered debit or credit card

text to 81025

For details on how to set up the service for your particular location go to


Internet options
If you have a phone, tablet or laptop with mobile internet access, you can use the myRingGo website to pay. Simply login at and complete the details. 

Extending your pre-paid session

You can remotely top up your parking fee when you use RingGo. If you want to extend your stay, simply contact RingGo again and the service will ask you:

  • How long you want to extend
  • What your card 3-digit security code is

The RingGo system automatically recognises that you have a parking session currently operating.   

VAT receipts

  • Go to the RingGo website, enter your details to ask for a VAT receipt.
  • If you provide your email address when registering (or at any time), you can choose to receive a receipt automatically every time you park.

Location numbers

Visit to see all the location numbers in your area and across the UK.

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