Cambridge - proud to be a Fairtrade City

We adopted our Fairtrade Resolution in 2001 and Cambridge was declared a Fairtrade City in 2004 by the Fairtrade Foundation. This was renewed in 2012.

The Cambridge Fairtrade Steering Group was established in 2009. Membership currently includes representatives from the city and county councils, and local universities, faith groups, schools and businesses.

Cambridge Fairtrade Steering Group achievements

The Cambridge Fairtrade Steering Group is responsible for maintaining and renewing the city’s Fairtrade City status.  A recent achievement was recruiting a flagship employer for the city (part of goal 3).  Ridgeon’s has kindly agreed to take on this role for Cambridge as a significant local employer that promotes Fairtrade to staff, clients and contacts.

The Steering Group has organised various promotional stalls and events since 2006, and participates in the annual Fairtrade Fortnight, every February or March. Previous events and activities include:

  • running a Traidcraft stall at Mill Road Winter Fair and on Cambridge market, and promoting a Fairtrade cola at Waitrose in Trumpington
  • partnering with Cambridge United Football Club with Fairtrade promoted on match programmes, and players visiting schools
  • auditing local retailers, handing FT branded window stickers to those stocking Fairtrade goods
  • attending student fairs at Cambridge Regional College and Cambridge University
  • co-hosting the regional Fairtrade Forum and a wine tasting evening at Anglia Ruskin University

Meetings and contact details

The Cambridge Fairtrade Steering Group meets approximately six times a year at the Wesley Methodist Church, Christ’s Pieces, Cambridge. If you want to join the group, have an event or fundraising idea, or would like to be included in a mailing list for updates on the group’s activities, visit the group's website or email

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