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Biodiversity is the variety of plant and animal life in a given location. A high level of biodiversity is considered important and desirable.

Global biodiversity is currently suffering huge decline and extinctions. The most visible examples of this are climate change and habitat destruction. Much of this is being caused by humans.

Our video ‘encouraging biodiversity in Cambridge’ explains how we maintain and improve our local nature reserves.

We carried out a habitat condition survey at our local nature reserves and larger open spaces in 2020. The resulting biodiversity audit [PDF, 32.5MB] will inform a review of our Biodiversity Strategy. We will be able to measure improvements from revised management plans, campaigns and habitat creation projects against this baseline.

We produced a parks and open spaces biodiversity toolkit [PDF, 9MB] to inspire local groups and individuals. We hope it will help you to get involved with enhancing your local parks for wildlife. The toolkit explores what types of habitats you could create and how to do so, and how you can work with us.