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Cambridge City Council

Book a guided tour at a local nature reserve

We offer free guided walks around our local nature reserves to schools and community groups who would like to learn more about nature.

You can request a walk at any time of year. The season might restrict some activities, but there is always something to discover.

The walks usually take between 60 and 90 minutes, and are suitable for groups of up to 20 people. Contact us if you want to arrange a walk for your group – please give us at least two weeks’ notice. Indoor talks are also available.

You can request a walk or talk on any environmental subject associated with the reserves – birds, trees, or anything else.

Reserve tours

An all-round tour specific to each local nature reserve. We’ll talk about the local animal and plant life, as well as the history and management of the reserve.

Pond dipping

We’ll talk about water environments and associated wildlife. Dipping nets will be used to examine freshwater creatures.

These sessions are available from April to September at Barnwell East local nature reserve and Bramblefields local nature reserve. They are restricted to 10 people at per session.

Bug discovery

We’ll collect and examine various invertebrates found at the reserve and their associated food chains.

This tour is available from March to October.