Logan's Meadow local nature reserve

Surrounded by busy streets and the Cam, Logan's Meadows is a perfect spot for a stroll or quiet break overlooking the river. Only declared a Local Nature Reserve in 2005, still it is now a haven for wildlife. One aim for the site is to recreate the habitat suitable for the Otters that once lived in the area and to manage the site to increase the diversity of insects and birds.

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Reed bed creation project

Logan's Meadow showing where the works are taking place

Phase 1: 2013

A: Repairs to fishing platforms and improve access
B: Repairs and improvements to gates and fences

Phase 2: 2014

C: Reed bed
D: Backwater channel crossed with boardwalks
E: Marginal meadow planting
F: Low mown grass pathways maintained for public access

Reed bed backwater

Reed bed is an excellent habitat for a variety of wildlife and plant life and will provide a dramatic new landscape element to the nature reserve.

Download our project poster [PDF, 1MB] for a diagram showing the works listed above.

Get involved

There will be a chance for volunteers to help us plant the reed beds in September. For more information or to volunteer, contact David Ifould, Project Officer at david.ifould@cambridge.gov.uk or 01223 458509 or 07860 782020.

How this will affect you

Gate on Logan's WayWork started in the week beginning 7 July and will take about 14 weeks. Download our project poster [PDF, 1MB] for the project plan.

During this project a variety of construction vehicles will enter and exit the meadow via the gate next to the raised barrier at the entrance to the private car park from Logan's Way, pictured right.

A secure and fenced off space for construction traffic will be created within the meadow whilst the reed bed is being built. However, public access across areas of the reserve not affected by the works, will be maintained at all times.

To minimise inconvenience to local business, we will not use this gate between 8 and 10am, or after 4pm. The road will be kept clean and access by large vehicles will be monitored by a banksman.

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