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Cambridge City Council

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Logan's Meadow local nature reserve

Surrounded by busy streets and the Cam, Logan's Meadows is a perfect spot for a stroll or quiet break overlooking the river. It is a haven for wildlife.

One aim for the site is to recreate the habitat suitable for the otters that once lived in the area, and to manage the site to increase the diversity of insects and birds.

Proposed extension

In 2020 we ran a consultation on a proposal to more than double the size of the reserve, contributing to Natural Cambridgeshire’s ‘Doubling Nature’ vision.

We received 460 responses to the consultation. The consultation report [PDF, 1MB] summarises these responses and the proposed next steps, which are:

  • We will seek committee approval to start the local nature reserve designation procedure with Natural England (January or February 2021)
  • We will submit a planning application for the proposed maintenance bridge (February 2021)
  • We will undertake surveys and service checks to inform a detailed design based on consultation responses (February and March 2021)
  • We will commission and promote a final proposed design, which will likely be delivered in phases, subject to funding
  • We will plant the first phase of trees (March 2021)
  • We and the friends group will set up a habitat and species monitoring programme, to assess the success of the project (April 2021 onwards)