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Weedkiller-free parks trial

Many of you have told us you would like us to use less weedkiller on our parks and open spaces. Also, the government is under pressure to ban glyphosates, which are commonly used in weedkillers.

So we stopped using weedkiller at Coleridge recreation ground and St Albans Road recreation ground, to see what would happen.

We ran the trial to help us determine how we might manage our parks in the near future. It will give us an idea of how they will look and what will grow there if we stop using weedkiller completely.

The initial trial ran until March 2019 – we’re now considering whether to continue and do the same at other parks.

We used a Defra-approved biodegradable herbicide, of which glyphosate is the active ingredient. This only works on green leaves and degrades on contact with the soil. Our fully trained staff applied the herbicide through a knapsack sprayer.

We didn’t expect to save any money during this trial, because we continued to use weedkiller at our other parks and open spaces wherever we cannot use ride-on mowers.

Reduced strimming

We also stopped regularly strimming grass around the trees, fences, furniture, bins and other obstacles at these two parks. This was to reduce damage caused by the strimmers, and reduce the risk of hand-arm vibration syndrome for our employees.

We continued cutting or strimminng the main grass areas and grass around play equipment.


We are keen to know what you think about this trial – please send us any comments about it.

Tell what you consider important in regards to maintenance on our parks and open spaces.

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