Report flytipping

Flytipping is the illegal dumping of household or trade waste. It can vary from as little as a single bag of household rubbish, to large quantities of waste and domestic items such as furniture and fridges.

We remove flytipping from publicly owned land, including roads and lay-bys. If the litter is on private land, it's the responsibility of the land owner to arrange clearance.

If you see flytipped rubbish, report it using our online form or call 01223 458282. We will ask you:

  • to describe the location of the flytip
  • to describe the size of the flytip and if possible what has been left
  • if you witnessed the flytipping, to give as many details as possible about the person, such as their name or vehicle registration
  • to tell us if the waste is hazardous, or if it is restricting access

Report flytipping

Do not approach anyone you see flytipping, in case they become violent.

We will investigate reports of flytipping and seek to take enforcement action against offenders. We can issue a fixed penalty notice of £400 to anyone who flytips, or in court you  may face a fine of up to £50,000 and imprisonment.

If flytipping involves the use of a vehicle, both the driver and registered owner can be prosecuted. The police have powers to seize vehicles used for flytipping.

It is also an offence to permit or authorise flytipping on land where an environmental permit is not in force.

Waste duty of care

We all pay for flytipping. In 2014/15 it cost almost £76,000 to clear waste from the streets of Cambridge.

It’s your legal responsibility to ensure your waste is disposed of correctly. Failing to do so you could face prosecution and a fine of up to £5,000 if your waste is flytipped.

Check the register of waste carriers, brokers and dealers if you are unsure whether the person or company you are intending to give your waste to is authorised to take it.

Enforcement action

Recent work undertaking enforcement against people who flytip has included:

  • Waste dumped on Campkin Road – the person found guilty was ordered to complete a community order with a curfew, be tagged for four weeks and pay costs of £639
  • Waste dumped at Tesco recycling centre on Newmarket Road – the person found guilty was ordered to pay a fine of £733 and costs of £450
  • Waste dumped at Walker Court – the person found guilty was ordered to pay a fine of £95 and costs of £200
  • Waste dumped at Walpole Road – the person found guilty was ordered to pay a fine of £100 and costs of £457

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