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Cambridge City Council

Report graffiti

Graffiti is illegal. It spoils property and can be costly to remove.

We aim to remove offensive graffiti within one day of receiving a report, and all other graffiti within five days. Our team works between 6am and 4pm every day.

Offensive graffiti includes anything that might be considered racist, sexist, obscene or inflammatory.

We collect information on graffiti to help build profiles of offenders so that appropriate action can be taken by the police.

Please report any graffiti you see to us, being as specific as possible about its location and nature.

Our form to report graffiti is not working at the moment. Please phone us to tell us where you have seen the problem and we’ll report it for you.

Graffiti on private property

Graffiti on private property may incur a charge for removal. We will discuss this with you before starting any work we will charge for.

We will take all possible steps to ensure that any damage to surfaces is kept to a minimum. If we think removing graffiti will cause damage to your property, we will discuss options with you beforehand, and you are likely to be asked to sign a waiver to allow us to remove the graffiti.

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