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Reduce your water use

There are many reasons why reducing the amount of water we use is both important and worthwhile.

Addressing this issue is particularly significant in Cambridge - our region has the lowest rainfall in the UK. Using less water will help conserve this vital resource, and will save you money at home both directly (if you are on a water meter) and indirectly through lower energy bills.

Saving water

There are many simple, free and cheap ways to save water. There is a lot of useful information on the Cambridge Water website, and there is a chapter on saving water in our ‘Greening your home’ brochure [PDF, 207kB]. [PDF, 0.2MB]

Switching to a water meter

If you are not on a water meter you might be paying more for your water than you need to.

  • Cambridge Water can install a meter for you – installation is usually free for domestic users.

We recently completed a pilot project to switch a number of residents on to a water meter. Residents involved in the project live in a variety of property types and tenures, in household sizes ranging from one to three people.

After the meters were installed we took monthly readings for a year, and compared the costs of with previous bills based on water rates. The results of this project were published in a number of case studies.

The case studies below show estimated average annual savings of between £130 and £250 being made by households of one and two people:

Visit Cambridge Water for more information, or the Consumer Council for Water to check whether you might save by switching.

Help with water bills

Various organisations can provide grants and assistance to help anyone struggling to pay their water bill. Read our managing your bill page for more information.