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Improve energy efficiency and reduce energy use at home

There are many ways to save energy at home. Some are simple and free or cheap –switching off the lights when you leave a room, for example, or fitting draught excluders.

Other measures, such as installing insulation or replacing your boiler, will have an up-front cost but will save you money in the long term.

Making improvements to your energy efficiency at home can help reduce both your bills and your carbon footprint.

Our Greening your Home booklet [PDF, 2MB] provides you with all the information you need to make your home and lifestyle greener. Chapters 1 and 6 concentrate on tips to help in the home and garden.

Various organisations can provide grants and assistance to help anyone struggling to pay their energy bill. Read about managing your bill and find out what grants and incentives are available to you.

The Energy Saving Trust provides comprehensive information about improving your home’s energy efficiency and reducing your energy use. The following links on this page all link to the Trust’s information.

Improve your home’s energy efficiency

  • Install insulation in your roof, walls and floor.
  • Install energy efficient glazing.
  • Replace your boiler if it’s more than 15 years old.
  • Install home appliances that use less electricity and water.

Reduce your energy use

There are lots of quick wins that will help you reduce the amount of energy you use – and how much it costs you.

  • Install a smart meter to see keep an eye on how much energy you are using.
  • Avoid leaving TVs on standby and unplug your mobile phone when it’s fully charged.
  • Always wash a full load in your washing machine. Wash at 30°C, or use a half-load or economy setting.
  • Set your thermostat to turn the heating on only when you need it, and only to 18°C.
  • Close your curtains at dusk and fit draught-proofing to seal any gaps and retain heat.

Use renewable or green energy