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Cambridge City Council

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Making our housing stock more energy efficient

Improving the energy efficiency of our housing stock is a priority for us. We have a range of projects to help us make improvements.

  • We have an annual budget of £1.8 million to invest in insulation and other measures.
  • We invest more than £1.5 million per year repairing heating systems or replacing them with new energy-efficient systems.
  • We have programmes of work to fit new external windows and doors.
  • We are developing projects to improve the energy efficiency of our least-efficient dwellings. We plan to raise them to an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) level of at least ‘C’.
  • We are developing proposals to improve the energy efficiency of D-rated old solid-walled houses.

We give all new tenants an Energy Performance Certificate, and offer home energy and water use advice.

Our Asset Management Plan [PDF] outlines our commitments to the maintenance of our properties.