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Monthly green bin collections in winter

We’ll be collecting green bins every four weeks for three months over the winter, instead of every fortnight.

  • Monday 24 December: Monthly collections begin
  • Monday 4 March 2019: Fortnightly collections resume

There is always a large reduction in the amount of garden waste collected between December and March. Until now we have kept the same level of service through the year despite the lower demand. But with the amount of waste expected to drop by up to 60%, we’re matching our service provision to demand.

The change will reduce our carbon footprint and fuel costs, as our collection lorries make fewer journeys.

Neighbouring councils have told us this change has little impact on the overall amount of garden waste collected through the year. South Cambridgeshire District Council has run monthly winter collections for the last four years with no significant concerns.

Bin hygiene

Bin hygiene should not be a problem. The lower winter temperatures mean that wrapped-up food waste should not become smelly or attract flies.

We recommend using a paper-lined kitchen caddy to keep your food waste secure and your bin clean.

We cannot collect food waste wrapped in ‘bio bags’ as they are unsuitable for our composting process.

Alternative options

Food waste can be placed in your black bin if you feel it is necessary. It will be rotted down as part of the mechanical biological treatment process, rather than sent to landfill.

You could also take your food waste to your local household recycling centre, or turn it into compost at home.

No refunds or discounts

We won’t issue any refunds or reductions to your council tax bill as a result of this change. It’s a better use of our resources, not a reduction in service.

We also won’t give any discounts on the cost of having additional green bins. The charge takes into account fluctuations in the service though the year.

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