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You are allowed up to four blue bins for mixed recycling, and four green bins for food and garden waste. In certain circumstances you can have a second black bin for general waste.

Bin colour Type of waste Maximum allowance Delivery charge Collection charge for additional bins Alternative
Blue Mixed recycling 4 Free Free Clear sacks
Green Food and garden waste 4 Free £30 or £35 per bin per year Brown sacks
Black General waste 2 (if eligible) £25 or £50 Free White sacks

Bins are available in two sizes – standard and small. We issue them at our discretion.

  • Standard bins: 107×48×74cm (240-litre capacity)
  • Small bins: 107×48×56cm (140-litre capacity)

If you are moving into a new build property, please check with the developer if bins have been ordered before contacting us.

Use the form link below to request new, replacement or additional bin/s to be delivered to your property.

If you requesting a replacement bin, please make sure your bin is actually lost.

To amend or cancel an order, please email – make sure to tell us the order reference number.

Request a bin

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Blue bins for mixed recycling

  • 4 bins allowed per property
  • No charge for emptying bins
  • No delivery charge for additional bins

Occasional extra recycling can be placed in a transparent sack and put next to the bin on collection day.

Green bins for food and garden waste

  • 4 bins allowed per property
  • Collections reduced to monthly between December and February
  • No charge for emptying first bin
  • £30 or £35 annual charge payable for emptying each additional bin
  • No delivery charge for additional bins

Pay for your additional green bin permit

If you have more than one green bin at your property, and you would like the additional bin/s to be emptied, you will need to pay an annual fee. The fee for this service is £35 per year for each additional standard-sized bin, or £30 per year for each additional small bin.

Pay for an additional green bin permit

You should only use this form to pay if you live in Cambridge – if you live in the surrounding villages, please pay on the South Cambridgeshire District Council website. Also, you should only use this form if you already have additional bins at your property. If you need a bin to be delivered to you, please use the 'Request a bin' form link at the top of this page.

The charge is applied from October to September every year. You can ask us to empty your additional bins at any time of year, but there are no discounts or concessions. We’ll ask you every year whether you want to continue paying to have your additional bins emptied.

When you have paid for your bins we’ll send you a sticker to display on the bin. Our collection crews will not empty additional bins that do not have a sticker.

As well as paying online, you can visit us at our customer service centre or phone us to pay for your additional green bins.

Black bins for general waste

  • 2 bins allowed per property
  • £25 or £50 delivery charge payable for delivery of additional bin
  • Delivery charge applies to replacements for lost or damaged bins, unless we cause the damage
  • Reconditioned bins can be requested at a discounted rate
  • There is a fee of £25 for swapping a large black bin for a small black bin
  • There is a fee of £50 for swapping a small black bin for a large black bin

We'll only deliver a second black bin to properties with six or more residents, or with two or more children in nappies.

Second black bins will be delivered with a red lid or sticker attached. We will not empty additional black bins without red lids or stickers.

We are committed to reducing the amount of waste we collect, so we regularly review whether additional bins are still needed. If an additional bin is no longer needed, we will take it away.

There is no charge for delivery of an additional black bin if somebody living at your property has medical needs that necessitate one. You might be interested in our domestic clinical and hygiene waste collections.

Sacks instead of bins

You can ask us to provide sacks instead of bins. We'll do so if:

  • your property does not have space to store bins away from the pavement or road
  • physical barriers prevent you from safely moving your bins to the collection point

Contact us to discuss switching to a sack collection. We will not collect sacks from properties without prior arrangement.

Sacks come in three colours:

  • Clear sacks for mixed recycling - instead of blue bins
  • Brown paper sacks for food and garden waste - instead of green bins
  • White sacks for general waste - instead of black bins

Bins at new houses

A set of three 240-litre bins will be issued to new houses as standard - one blue, one green, and one black.

If you have moved into a new house and no bins have been delivered, check whether the developer or landlord has already ordered some before contacting us.

Bins issued to new houses cost £75 each. Where S106 applies, the bins are paid for by the developer - otherwise the cost is incurred by the householder.

Bins at blocks of flats

Contact us to order a communal bin for a block of flats. We'll deliver a 660-litre or 1,100-litre wheeled bin, depending on the number of occupants that will use it and the available space.

  • No delivery charge for blue or green bins
  • Delivery charge applies for black bins

We only provide green bins for ground-floor flats that have their own garden. In this case the information given for green bins above applies.

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