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Cambridge City Council

Get help putting your bin out for collection

If you're unable to place your bin at the normal collection point we might be able to offer you an assisted collection service.

You are eligible for assisted collections if:

  • You have a disability or mobility problem that restricts you from putting your bin out
  • There are no other residents in your property who are able to put the bin out for you

We will collect your bin from an agreed location and return it to the same location. We might be collecting your bin in the dark, so:

  • You must leave your bin somewhere we can reach easily, ideally at the front of your property.
  • It should be easy for us to manoeuvre your bin to the road. Your gate should be left unlocked if necessary, and there should be no overhanging branches or shrubs obstructing access.

Request an assisted collection online

We’ll request evidence of your eligibility for the service.

If we need to drive along a private road to collect your bin, we might require indemnity from the owner.

We’ll review your eligibility for the service every three years. Please tell us as soon as possible if your circumstances change and you no longer need an assisted collection.

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