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Check when your bin will be emptied

Please be aware after selecting your address, it can take about 10 seconds to retrieve your collection details.

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    1. Open Google Calendar on a desktop PC, logging in with your Gmail account that is synchronised to your phone.
    2. Click the plus icon next to 'add a friends calendar'
    3. Select 'from URL', and enter the URL:
    4. Press 'add calendar'
    5. Sync your calendar on your phone
    6. If it does not sync, go into your settings, select 'accounts' and then 'google' and sync your accounts this way.
    7. If your bin schedule is still not displaying in your calendar, go to your calendar and click the 3 dots, select manage calendars and turn your bin calendar on.
    8. Your bin dates will now be showing in your calendar.

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