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Cambridge City Council

Council home repairs

We want to provide you with a safe and comfortable home. It’s in both your interest and ours to deal with issues quickly and efficiently.

We will maintain the structure of your home and many of the fixtures and fittings. Some things are your responsibility to fix, though – and we will not repair any alterations or extra items that you or previous tenants have fitted.

The lists below include everything we will repair. Open the list for the room where you have a problem before asking us to repair something – if what you need is not listed, it is likely your responsibility to fix it. Your tenancy agreement includes more information about your responsibilities.

We class most requests for repair work as either routine, urgent, or emergency. We respond within the following time limits:

  • emergency repairs: 24 hours
  • urgent repairs: three working days
  • routine repairs: 20 working days

In some cases, we might only be able to make your home safe at first, with a further visit needed to finish the work. Extra work following a repair visit or inspection can take eight to 12 weeks if we need to order parts or materials. Contact us if you have waited longer than 12 weeks.

You can request a repair online using our housing portal. In an emergency, we recommend that you phone us instead – you can do this at any time, including overnight and on the weekend.

The heating services and maintenance contractor is now TSG Building Services. Contact TSG on 0800 111 4044.

If your home was built recently and is still within its warranty period, check your property welcome pack for information about how to report a problem or request a repair.

Request a repair

For routine repairs we will offer you a weekday appointment. It will be either between 8am and midday, or between midday and 4pm. If you tell us your mobile telephone number, we will send you a text reminder on the day before your appointment.

A cold and damp home can impact your health. Find out how to reduce condensation and prevent mould in your home and how to report issues with mould and damp.

Unsatisfactory responses

Contact us if you think we have not addressed your request for a repair fast enough or to an appropriate standard. You can contact us at or make a formal complaint.

We receive a high number of ‘disrepair claim’ lawsuits raised by legal firms on a no win, no fee basis. We encourage you to contact us rather than starting a lawsuit. None of the claims brought against us in the last two years have been successful.

Our responsibilities

This list is not comprehensive but will give you an idea of the most common issues that we are responsible for in your home.

The list starts with the priority that issues normally are handled at and are based on initial attendance. If the issue is not listed, it is likely that you will be responsible for repairing it.


Contact us about blocked pipes or strip light replacements, to help us assess the severity of the problem.

Emergency work

  • Burst or leaking supply pipes to plumbing and heating.
  • Strip light replacements.

Routine work

  • Hinge broken.
  • Unit door broken/missing.
  • Shelf broken/missing.
  • Drawer sticking/loose/damaged.
  • Worktop loose or damaged.
  • Loose or damaged plinth.
  • Damaged or loose kitchen tiles.
  • Faulty extractor fan.
  • Damaged or loose floor tiles.
  • Seal around sink needs renewal.
  • Sink top or sink damaged.
  • Banging pipes.


Contact us about light replacements, blocked or leaking pipes, a loose cistern or broken shower tray, to help us assess the severity of the problem.

Emergency work

  • Burst or leaking supply pipes to plumbing.

Urgent work

  • Only cold water from a shower, wet room or bath.

Routine work

  • Taps dripping, stiff or loose.
  • Pop-up plug.
  • Broken/loose bath panels.
  • Damaged/loose bath tiles.
  • Renew seal around baths/basins/sinks/showers.
  • Toilet overflow running.
  • Loose/broken cistern handle.
  • Shower door damaged/loose.
  • Shower panel damaged/loose.
  • Shower hose broken.
  • Shower switch broken.
  • No water from shower based on available facilities. 
  • Banging pipes.
  • Damaged basin on pedestal or brackets.

Heating and hot water

Gas heating

Boilers and radiators installed over 12 months ago are maintained by our heating contractors, TSG Servicing and Maintenance. Contact them on 0800 111 4044 (freephone) which is available 365 days, 24/7, to arrange repair work or email for non-urgent issues.

Boilers and radiators installed under 12 months ago are maintained by our heating contractors, TSG Install. Contact them on 01223 828777 to arrange repair work.

These two departments are not interchangeable, please call the correct line in order for your enquiry to be handled.

If you are in a property currently under warranty as newly built, contact us to help us assess the severity of the problem.

Electric heating

If your home has electric heating, contact us to help us assess the severity of the problem.

Doors and windows

Contact us about insecure windows and doors, to help us assess the severity of the problem.

Emergency work

  • Broken glass on any doors and windows.
  • External doors that cannot close or lock. 
  • Ground floor windows that cannot close or lock. 

Routine work

  • External door closer broken/damaged.
  • Draught proofing not working.
  • No draught proofing.
  • No weather board/weather board damaged
  • External doors frames or panels loose or rotting.
  • Condensation between double-glazing panes (‘blown windows’).
  • Window frame damaged or sticking.

External and communal areas

Contact us about any of the following, to help us assess the severity of the problem.

  • Broken, loose or jammed garage door.
  • Roof leak.
  • Broken or fallen fences.
  • Blocked drain.
  • Broken or damaged communal door.
  • Faulty street light.
  • Fault with lift.
  • Faulty communal aerial.
  • Broken light in a communal area.

Routine work

  • Shed door broken.
  • Front paving issue.
  • Broken or loose roof tiles.
  • Loose or broken gutter.
  • Gutter overflowing.
  • Blocked downpipe.
  • Loose/broken downpipe.
  • Broken intercom.
  • Blocked refuse chute.
  • Missing or broken clothes line in a communal area.
  • Gate fitting in a communal area.
  • Broken/jammed gate.

Stairs, walls and floors

Contact us about broken or loose handrails, or loose or missing treads, to help us assess the severity of the problem.

Routine work

  • Loose or broken baluster.
  • Broken or loose post.
  • Skirting broken/loose.
  • Structural cracks in wall or ceiling.
  • Cornice broken.
  • Loose or broken floorboards.
  • Mould and damp – read what to do about condensation.


Contact us about broken or loose sockets, to help us assess the severity of the problem.

Emergency work

  • No power.
  • Electrical fitting smoking.
  • Smoke detector faulty.

Urgent work

  • None.

Routine work

  • Socket not working.
  • Light fittings not working.
  • Wall switch failure.
  • Ceiling switch cord broken.
  • Extractor fan faulty.

Contact us

Service related queries

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