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Cambridge City Council

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Coronavirus: Updates and information

Find out about available support and how to offer help. Our customer service centre is open to help you by email and phone. Please continue to follow official NHS and government advice.

Temporary change of postal address for City Homes office

Please send any mail for our Housing team to PO Box 700, Cambridge CB1 0JH.

Report of telephone scam targeting council tenants

A fake company known as 'The Outbound Team' have been calling tenants across the country, asking for personal information, but they are not legitimate. If you receive any calls that concern you, please contact us.

Council tenancies

Tenants can access their Online Portal and fill in necessary forms by registering on My Cambridge. Creating an account means you can complete forms faster, but direct links to our forms are also available below.

The tenancy agreement [PDF, 0.3MB] that you sign before moving into a council property is a legal contract between us and you. It sets out both parties’ rights and responsibilities.

If you need to amend your name on the tenancy following marriage or for any other reason, send us an amendment form.

Introductory period

The first 12 months of your tenancy are an introductory period – you will not have all the rights of a secure tenant during this time.

If you breach your tenancy agreement we can extend this period by six months or terminate your tenancy, depending on the nature of the breach.

Joint and sole tenancies

If you sign a joint tenancy with one or more other people, you each have equal rights and are all responsible for the whole rent.

If one of you ends the tenancy, it ends for each of you. As your landlord we must remain impartial – if you need advice on any disputes you should seek independent legal advice.

You can apply to convert your joint tenancy to a sole tenancy. Your household must meet the size requirements of the property. The joint tenants must agree to have their names removed from the tenancy – this could affect their ability to obtain social housing in the future.

Moving out

If you plan to move out of your council home, you must give us four weeks’ notice in writing.

If we find you have moved out and not given notice, we will serve notice to end your tenancy.


When a tenant dies, their partner or a close relative can succeed to the tenancy if it has been their only home for at least 12 months. Only one succession is permitted.

If you succeed to a property larger than your needs, you will be required to move to a smaller property.

Tenancy fraud

Tenancy fraud, such as illegally subletting your home or obtaining a tenancy through deception, is a criminal offence. It takes homes away from people on the housing needs register, so we take any reports of fraud extremely seriously.

If you are found guilty of tenancy fraud, you can be imprisoned and must repay any money made from it, plus a fine. You will also permanently lose your security of tenure, meaning your property will be repossessed.

If you suspect tenancy fraud is taking place, please help us by reporting it.