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Cambridge City Council


We have 18 free-to-use tennis courts around the city. There is no need to book them, but you do need to bring your own rackets and balls.

  • If people are waiting to use the court, please limit your playing time to 45 minutes, or offer to play doubles.
  • Please be considerate to neighbours and limit noise on the court, especially early in the morning or late at night.
  • Please take all your litter with you when you leave the court.
  • Private coaching is not allowed.

Please let us know if the courts or nets are damaged in any way.

The courts are located at:


If you want to get fit and have fun for free, Parktennis is perfect for you. It’s a weekly event that includes fun tennis games and music to keep you moving. Anyone can play, whether you're young or old, a new starter or a seasoned pro – it’s fun, relaxed and easy to play.

Other local tennis opportunities

These are provided by external partners – there might be a cost associated with these activities. 

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