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Cambridge City Council

Right to buy scheme for council tenants

  • You will probably have the right to buy your home if you've been a tenant of a council dwelling for at least three years.
  • Your tenancy doesn't have to have been with this council, or in your present dwelling, to qualify. Time spent as a tenant of another council or housing association may count towards your qualifying time.
  • You will not be able to buy your home if a court makes a possession order against you, which says that you must leave your home.
  • You may be able to exercise the right to buy jointly with members of your family who have lived with you for the past 12 months, or with someone who is a joint tenant with you.

Excluded dwellings

There are a number of dwellings excluded from the right to buy:

  • sheltered housing for the elderly
  • dwellings used for temporary housing
  • dwellings let in connection with the tenant's employment, eg a caretaker's house
  • homes that are particularly suitable for occupation by elderly persons

A dwelling may also be excluded if the property was first let to you for occupation aged 60 or over.

Deciding if you want to buy

Further information about Right to Buy

If you need any more information about the Right to Buy, download the government booklet entitled Your Right to Buy Your Home.

The government's Right to Buy Agent Service offers free and impartial advice on Right to Buy and their advisors can help you through the process of buying your home through the scheme.