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Questions about parking

Questions about car parks

What happens if I lose my parking ticket?

You will be charged the lost ticket rate if you cannot produce your parking ticket when you leave the car park. The charge will be applied from 9am on the day of entry to the point of issue for the replacement ticket.

This applies to all types of ticket, including season tickets, bar codes and QR codes.

If I park for more than one day do I need to get a new ticket?

No, keep your entry ticket with you and the machine will calculate your payment when you leave. Please visit a pay station before returning to your vehicle.

Can I reserve a parking space?

No, we don't offer reservations to individual customers.  We offer pre-booked spaces to event organisers only.

How much will my stay will cost?

Our pricing structure is available on each car park page. The payment machine will correctly calculate the fee when you insert your ticket as you are ready to leave.

If your stay includes daytime and evening or overnight charges, you must add them together.

How much is it to park overnight?

We charge an hourly rate for overnight parking, which starts at 7pm Monday to Saturday, and 5pm on Sundays. Details of our charging structure are available on each individual car park page

How much is it to park at the weekend or for the weekend?

We don't have a set weekend rate. We operate a daytime and night time tariff with an hourly rate.  The two fees need to be added together. Details of our pricing structure are available on each individual car park page.

Which is the cheapest multi-storey car park?

Queen Anne Terrace which is situated near Parker's Piece - and is a 15 to 20 minute walk into the centre of the city.

I didn't get a receipt when I parked – can you send me one?

No – we cannot produce duplicate receipts.

If payment is made by card a receipt will be issued after the parking ticket has been paid at your request from the machine pressing the receipt button. For cash payments receipts are not issued as the exit machine will return your parking tickets as proof of payment.

What are the rules about parking with a Blue Badge in the car park?

We offer three hours free parking in our multi-storey car parks and two hours free in some of our others - find out more on our Free parking for Blue Badge holders page.

Can I buy a season ticket?

Yes. Find out more on our Buy a parking season ticket page.

I’ve been charged twice on my credit card, how do I get a refund?

If payment was made through JustPark, you must contact JustPark in the first instance.  

For all other payments: when payments are authorised they are 'ear-marked' by your bank as pending transactions - but they may not go through as payments. Check with your bank to see if this is a duplicate transaction in the first instance.  

If they confirm it's a final payment which has been duplicated, contact us with the following information:

  • Date and time of payment
  • Car park name
  • Amount and your card number.  (We only require the first 6 digits and the last 4).
  • Copy of full statement (not mini) showing both payments leaving bank account  

We will then investigate and give a refund if a valid duplicated payment has been put through. Refunds can take up to three weeks depending on your card provider. 

What time do your car parks open?

The majority of our car parks are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check each car park page for full details.

Which is the nearest car park to a particular place or destination in the city?

Our multi-storey car parks are all within a 15 to 20 minute walk of the city centre and colleges. Each page provides a link to Google, where you could work out the distance via street view.

I lost an item in the car park, do you have it?

Any lost property (found or handed in) is kept at our Grand Arcade control room situated on level −1 of Grand Arcade car park.

Lost property at Grafton East car park is sometimes handed in to the Shopmobility office on level 4, or to the Grafton Centre security office.

Will my vehicle fit in your car park?

The height restriction for most of the multi-storey car parks is 6 feet 6 inches but Queen Anne Terrace is 7 feet.

For example, you can fit a mini-bus in Queen Anne Terrance, but not at our other car parks.

Do you have electric charging bays in your car parks?

Yes, find out more on our Recharge your electric car page.

How do I apply for a city centre access permit?

These are provided by Cambridgeshire County Council.

Questions about parking elsewhere in Cambridge

Where can I find out about Park & Ride?

Park & Ride in Cambridge is managed by Cambridgeshire County Council.

Visit Cambridge Park & Ride to find out about the site locations, timetables and ticket prices.

Where can I park a coach?

There is no coach parking in the city centre.  

Coaches may drop off in Queens Road (by the Backs) but must park elsewhere.

Madingley Road park and ride site offers a coach park on a first come first served basis. It is £10 for the day. Please note this Park and Ride sites aren't managed by this council, contact Cambridgeshire County Council if you have any questions. Email: or call: 01223 845561

Where can I park a motorcycle?

You can park your motorcycle on the ground floor of Queen Anne Terrace car park. These spaces are free to use.

There are also several on-street motorcycle parking bays around the city. These are managed by the county council.

Where can I park a motor home or minibus (high-sided vehicle)?

The height restriction for most of the multi-storey car parks is 6 feet 6 inches, except Queen Anne Terrace, which is 7 feet.

Where can I park on the street?

On-street parking is managed by Cambridgeshire County Council.

Other questions about parking

Someone has bumped my car, do you have CCTV?

CCTV is available in certain locations.  We are only able to release CCTV images to either the police or your insurance company.

Why is parking so expensive, and why do we have a peak-time tariff?

Cheaper parking would increase encourage more people to drive in for all-day visits, increasing demand for our car parks. We want to reduce the number of cars parking in the city centre, especially for longer or all-day visits.

Charging higher prices for parking introduces a restraint on demand, which helps us accommodate the majority of people who want to visit for shorter stays. It also helps us reduce the number of cars on the city’s roads and resulting air pollution

The tariffs at the Grafton and Grand Arcade car parks reflect their central locations, compared to the cheaper option at the Queen Anne Terrace car park which is a 15 or 20-minute walk away from the city centre.

If you’re visiting all day we advise you to use one of the five park and ride sites around the outside of the city, or travel by train or bus.

To help us reduce the number of cars on the city’s roads, and therefore reduce air pollution and carbon emissions, we have introduced a peak-time parking tariff

The tariff is designed to encourage a switch to more sustainable modes of transport to access the city. If this isn't possible, we hope it will encourage car drivers to visit during periods of the day where it's less busy.

How do I pay a parking fine?

Parking fines – sometime referred to a penalty charge notices or PCNs – are issued by Cambridgeshire County Council. Find out more about parking tickets and appeals.

How do I apply for a residential parking permit?

Residents are not permitted car park season tickets.

For information about on-street parking, contact Parking Services at Cambridgeshire County Council:

What are your parking services’ terms and conditions?

We operate and manage our car parks in line with the City of Cambridge (Parking services - Off Street Parking Places) Traffic Regulation Order.

What can I do if I have a compliment or complaint about the services received?

You can send us a compliment or make a complaint online.

Please address your comments to ‘Parking services’.

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