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Cambridge City Council

Funding for residents' associations and community groups

Funding is available for local groups’ projects and purchases.

Residents' associations

Some local residents’ associations are eligible for grant funding, so involving them can be a great way to help fund your project or activity.

Grants are calculated based on the number of council-owned properties in your area. Council tenant and leasehold properties must make up at least one third of the area covered by a residents' association to be eligible.

Community groups

Community groups that do not have the formal structure to independently manage their finances can still apply for funding.

The fund allows residents to bid for a specific item or project – the key requirement is that the new feature has to be available for the whole community to use. An example would be buying a new bench for a community garden.

If we approve your group’s application, we will make the purchase for you – you will not need to handle the funds yourself.

  • Contact us if you would like to apply for community group funding, or to find out more about the application process.
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