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Cambridge City Council

Resident involvement

Tenants and leaseholders play a crucial role in ensuring that the housing service delivers for its residents; their involvement contributes to service development and makes sure that our strategies and decisions are accountable.

In order to increase opportunity for involvement, we provide funding for residents’ associations and community groups, to help buy equipment and run projects.

We deliver Open Door magazine to our tenants and leaseholders every spring, summer and autumn. It helps us pass on important news and information.

We regularly run surveys to inform our strategies and reports, and our Housing Scrutiny Committee makes sure money is being well spent and our services are of a good standard. The committee includes elected tenant and leaseholder representatives – could you join them?

Get involved

Volunteer tenants and leaseholders are already making big decisions, helping to get better services and improve their street, estate or block. Why not join them?

Volunteering with us can help you improve your IT, office and literacy skills, and we’ll give you a reference for your CV if you need one. It also helps us improve council housing services for yourself and others.

It can take up as much or as little time as you want. We'll always offer all the training and resources, and cover travel and childcare costs.

For every hour you spend helping your community, you can earn equivalent time credits. Time credits can be exchanged for a variety of things, from exercise classes to cinema and theatre tickets.

As well as volunteering, you can: