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Cambridge City Council

Comment on our planned tree works

Tree-work schedules list all planned maintenance work that has been proposed for each tree in an area. Typical work can include pruning to facilitate access, improve visibility or maintain clearance from a building, and removal of dead wood.

Schedules are made available below for public comment for up to 20 working days before work is due to begin. Use our online form to tell us what you think, or contact us if you have any questions about a proposal.

Comments received after a schedule's closing date will not be considered.

Our tree strategy explains the different types of maintenance work we carry out. It also explains our policy on tree removals, and the consultation process we go through before any work commences.

All trees to be removed, outside of those undertaken on an urgent basis, will be identified with a notice or barrier tape. See policy GM2 in part 2 of our tree strategy for more detail.

Comment on a tree-work schedule

If you want to stay up to date with what we’re planning, you can subscribe to email alerts for our tree-work schedules.

Some of the schedules below are large – you might prefer to download them using Wi-Fi, if possible.

Current tree-work schedule notifications

Tree-work schedule archive

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