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Cambridge City Council

Cost of living support - grants, vouchers and advice to help you manage the rising cost of living.
Up until 29 November please join us at one of our cost of living events. The event offers information, guidance and support.

Staying healthy with money worries

We know that when finances are tight, it can become more difficult to look after your health – whether that’s because of having less choice over what food you eat, less access or time to exercise, or because of health implications if you are not able to heat your home effectively.

A cold and damp home can impact your health. Condensation can lead to mould growth, which can cause a sore throat, lung damage, and asthma. Find out how to reduce condensation and prevent mould in your home.

50% off leisure centres

We offer concessionary memberships and discounts of up to 50% to leisure centres for people on some benefit, including for swimming.

See swimming offers for full purchase details. 

Free fitness activities to help improve your wellbeing

We provide a range of free and low-cost activity sessions to help anybody who is experiencing anxiety, depression or other mental ill health through our Invigorate programme.

Joining also entitles you to a free Better card, which gives you a 50% discount at some GLL-managed gyms and pools.

Free lifestyle changes service

We fund and partner with Healthy You, which offers a number of different health services to Cambridge residents.

These include programmes to:

  • stop smoking
  • boost your physical activity
  • eat more healthily
  • manage weight
  • prevent falls
  • reduce alcohol consumption

Many of these programmes are free or heavily subsidised to bring down costs.

If you are worried about your health, please email:

Children swim for £1

Children can swim for £1 at Parkside Pools and Abbey Leisure in Cambridge, before 10am on weekdays during school holidays, or before 10am on weekends during term time.

Free outdoor activities

Find out about free activities near you, including Parkrun, Park Tennis, PING table locations and cycling routes. 

Free online activities

Join in a range of free online activities including a workout at home, and relax and unwind courses.

Support if you are in distress

The NHS can help you find a local NHS urgent mental health helpline.

Grassroots activity grants

The £250 per family is available to enable children aged four to 16 from low-income families to access any sport or activity, from kayaking or dancing to swimming or boxing.

The grant can be used to pay for joining fees, session fees or equipment including clothing and footwear, with the funds being paid directly to the club or organisation providing the activity, or awarded as vouchers that can be redeemed in certain sports shops to purchase equipment.

Initially launched in the spring, further funding has been made available to families thanks to The Leys School’s Community Fund. 

Apply for the Grassroots Activity Grant online before the 16 November deadline.