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Cambridge City Council

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Restricted use of herbicides

We are restricting the use of herbicides in all the parks and open spaces that we manage. We plan to have completely switched to alternative arrangements by August 2019.

When we declared a biodiversity emergency we committed to make our parks and open spaces more hospitable to plants and animals. The restriction on herbicide is a significant first step toward fulfilling this vision.

We’ll only consider the use of specific herbicides when we are unable to use viable, non-chemical alternatives. For example, we might need to do this to control the invasive Japanese knotweed.

Weed control without herbicide presents some operational challenges. For example, it might be difficult to maintain a standard that is both cost-effective and acceptable to residents and visitors.

We’ll continue to develop and monitor our weed-control strategy. Options include mechanical removal methods and non-chemical treatments. If necessary we can also redesign areas to make them less attractive to weeds.

We will also work to raise awareness of the need for environmentally friendly weed management processes.

To tell us about a weed control issue, please use our online form:

Report an issue with weeds